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My Community Collab Entry! =D

Linkster’s OC is Hemmy. Mine is Desta.
safe (1429976)artist:theonewithoutaname (204)oc (525542)oc:desta (43)oc:hemmy (4)oc only (364396)alpaca (594)zebra (13464)2019 community collab (830)derpibooru community collaboration (1671)them's fightin' herds (2822)alpaca oc (2)blushing (153916)blushing profusely (1212)chest fluff (25789)clothes (355942)community related (2773)crossdressing (7554)ear piercing (16896)earring (14359)embarrassed (8815)eyebrow piercing (557)female (760714)filly (50561)foal (12399)heterochromia (3460)horns (3568)hug (22656)jewelry (39128)male (258231)nose piercing (1712)nose ring (1396)offspring (28774)open mouth (104322)parent:blue (2)parent:paprika paca (2)piercing (28412)plot (64962)school swimsuit (215)simple background (291054)standing (8246)swimsuit (20925)tail (14780)transparent background (151961)zebra oc (1778)

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