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safe1708870 artist:badumsquish1968 derpibooru exclusive28429 twilight sparkle300629 pony969936 unicorn324418 brushie593 carpet940 cute200171 eyes closed93793 female1365334 floppy ears52419 fur478 hallway938 happy31279 high angle209 mare481824 ponified animal photo621 prone25580 show accurate15571 smiling249172 solo1065828 twiabetes11782


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Background Pony #36E7
I brushed and I brushed, and next thing I knew I had TWO twilight sparkles.
Background Pony #F478
This is literally what happens every time I shave my dog. Enough left over fluff to make another one. Though I have yet to actually make another dog with it. I just might this next time. Just to take a picture of it.
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I miss the show so much
Hngggg that's a cute tiny Twiggles.

>tfw you'll never brush a cute little pony and help them lose their winter coat
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
@Chicago Ted
There needs to be light bulb fairy ponies, like when a pony is trying to come up with a idea, and then the light bulb fairy hovers above their head, lights up their butt, and gives the pony a brain processing boost
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Look, a distraction!
I love that original image, even shared it with my mom. She loved it too, specially considering we've had several dogs that would shed no matter how much we brushed them.
Background Pony #61FD
So how long until Furlight Hairball develops a consciousness and becomes self aware?

More likely, Mean!Twilight/Goo!Twilight will steal the surplus hair and use it as a disguise. >> <<

Tá cairdeas draíochta
Badumsquish, do you get sent these? Or do you just stumble across them while browsing the Internet and then a light bulb pony goes off in your head?