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safe1971599 artist:gurihiru11 official comic2513 applejack187793 fluttershy238166 pinkie pie238588 rainbow dash259325 rarity203135 sci-twi28850 spike87294 spike the regular dog3020 sunset shimmer72634 twilight sparkle332909 dog12101 eqg summertime shorts3479 equestria girls233876 idw18399 official11989 clothes559224 comic123865 comic cover815 converse6596 cowboy hat21924 equestria girls logo866 female1603335 hat108942 humane five4891 humane seven3109 humane six4629 japanese9558 looking at you217074 male459840 server pinkie pie410 shoes49571 sneakers5892 sunset sushi366 work clothes17


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Background Pony #341C
@Background Pony #179B  
Oh, you ment a manga by Gurihiru specifically? Then yes, probably won’t happen. They are too busy with Mahvel. But I’ll be happy with any EQG manga if it looks cute.