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@Background Pony #0505
OH YEAH, I RMEMBER THAT!! And now Luna is still one of the most beloved parts of the fandom lol.
Also, I saw something about there being leaks, but what were the leaks???
Yeah, basically. If you look closely, FiM as a generation is actually carrying on through new media. Comics, live shows, there is a rumor the 2021 movie may be G4. The Pinkie Pie webseries, I heard there is a leak about new shorts or web episodes.
Basically, they want to maximize profits by focusing major animation releases around major toy releases. It works well for other franchises, and worked well with the 2017 movie.
Background Pony #7091

Yeah, you can tell times have changed. The show is more open to story arcs (at least the kind that run in the background combined with stand alone stories). I think back then Faust even had to fight to make the episode Luna Eclipse because Hasbro said that Luna was "too scary for kids".

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Old executives.
The CEO actually really likes FiM, and in 2017 promised that whatever plans they have going forward, they don't intend on messing with MLP very much.
He mostly wants to move the way we watch fiM from a series to more targeted movies and specials.
Background Pony #7091

If you want to know some other changes that Hasbro insisted on.

- Faust wanted to use the G1 names and designs (like Firefly instead of Rainbow Dash for example) but Hasbro insisted on the G3 names and designs.
- Applejack's dog was originally named "Brandy"
- Ponyville was originally "Fillydelphia"
- Instead of Princesses it was Queens but Hasbro felt this wasn't marketable.
- Scootaloo was going to get into schoolyard fights.
- Rarity's element was the Element of Inspiration but Hasbro felt that kids wouldn't understand what "inspiration" is.
Background Pony #7091

If I remember correctly, the original plan before the series started was not to have Nightmare Moon defeated in the premiere but to have it as a season long arc (with Luna being redeemed at the end of the season). But Hasbro wanted the episodes to stand alone.

As for why she left, Hasbro continued insisting on changes and eventually she couldn't deal with it. There's even some rumors that Hasbro started to toss around the idea of Equestria Girls around the time and we know that Faust hated Equestria Girls.