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safe1580953 artist:franschesco208 rarity170402 spike74152 human143435 age difference2151 belly button68260 big breasts69953 breasts242732 busty rarity11145 female925338 fire ruby666 gem5442 height difference520 holding hands2351 horned humanization6337 huge breasts32625 humanized94686 jewelry51938 male307266 midriff18274 mine145 necklace15528 ruby340 shipping183950 size difference12602 sparity6283 straight121623


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Don't be selfish, Rarity. All the ladies want to snuggle shota Spike. Twilight has a schedule worked out.

Monday: Applejack
Tuesday: Fluttershy
Wednesday: Rainbow Dash
Thursday: Rarity
Friday: Pinkie Pie
Saturday: Twilight
Sunday: Celestia during the day/Luna during the night

Don't let him out of your sight. There are plenty of Shota Hunters out there who will try to swoop in and snatch him away.