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safe1899822 artist:adequality109 artist:lockerobster218 artist:princeblueblood12 oc798760 oc only590996 oc:brave63 earth pony330485 pony1247351 absurd resolution70020 bed47600 bedroom eyes68832 cute225564 dialogue75850 exhausted562 female1536719 floppy ears61201 guardsmare1368 hoof shoes7004 insomnia124 lidded eyes36342 looking at you203596 mare578195 ocbetes6957 open mouth183660 prone29438 protecting637 royal guard8991 simple background472548 sleepy1855 solo1210974 speech3271 sweet dreams fuel1802 tired3620 white background120947


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Background Pony #8D60
this one always got me pretty good. i alternate between sleeping a lot, and sleeping very little.
i’d always wondered if she’d be okay with handcuffing me to something in my ‘can’t sleep’ phases.
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Wait… Did I forget to get in contact with you? Oh god… If so, sorry. I have an awful memory…  
Still, I always try to contact the original artist…
I’m glad you like it tho
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
The United States tends to poke fun at themselves, like between the different militaries we have the Army would be seen as how we make fun of earth ponies being in the mud all the time.  
But then would imagine the people of Brazil would have a different sense of pride than Americans do as well.
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Actual Horse
Really? How weird, down in Brazil the air force gets a lot of praise and the university they manage plus their military academy is hold in the utmost regard (ITA and the Black Needles respectively)
Background Pony #F265
Well then take off your armor, come here and snuggle me. That way, we can both get to sleep sooner.
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Go fsck yourself
Oooh boy. As soon as I got to the description the underlying cause of FFI, i.e. a prion, I knew there wouldn’t be a ‘cure’ or standard treatment, other than supportive care.