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safe1770277 artist:tzc463 spike81139 starlight glimmer50203 sunset shimmer65484 trixie69205 human160613 equestria girls209871 ass51671 beanie3877 bisexual5757 blushing207426 canterlot high2873 clothes482834 commission74871 female1418971 glimmer glutes1643 hallway973 hat92079 heart50778 hoodie15304 human spike654 humanized102654 jacket13435 leather1377 leather jacket3660 lesbian100122 lockers2003 lucky bastard1745 male394231 midriff19989 miniskirt5065 pants15595 polyamory6948 shipping207690 size difference15243 skirt41704 smaller male796 smiling266904 sparlight617 sparlixie31 spike gets all the equestria girls153 spike gets all the mares779 spixie249 straight141761 sunsetspike149 sunsparlight14 sunsparlixie7


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Background Pony #C787
Not Twilight, Not-Not Twilight and Not-Not-Not Twilight.
Spike is either very lucky or he attracts anyone that is close to Twilight like a magnet.
Background Pony #2A18
Rarity : Spike I’m going to be out of town for few days. Don’t be a bad boy while I’m gone okay.  
Spike : Okay Rarity.
( Green light for three girls in the picture during Rarity out of town.)
Background Pony #73F4
Starlight your pants almost rip apart. I almost can see your butt cheeks.
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The only hope he has to stop them from ripping him into pieces over who gets him is to agree to be shared between them.
Background Pony #3E48
Trixie : The Great and Powerful Trixie need him for her next magic trick.  
Starlight : Well, he promise me to hang out together at the park.  
Sunset : I have a better idea, why not we share him.  
Spike : Why is always me?
Background Pony #EDA0
This is a really great pic, thank god you didn’t ruin it by putting Rarity in there.