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safe1688576 artist:carnifex2314 edit130408 sweetie belle48656 pony950314 unicorn315725 clothes453018 cute197216 dialogue64454 diasweetes2872 female1346618 filly65418 fuck the police174 hat85377 open mouth142159 pointing3986 police1154 police hat73 police officer719 roleplaying545 simple background387349 smiling243274 solo1051998 stop right there criminal scum59 uniform10463 weapons-grade cute3653 white background96096


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Duck - I love arguing so much I don't know when to stop!

It's a cute pic and all, but I do think that the F the police sentiment is really stupid.

If everyone just complied with police officers, they wouldn't get "brutalized" or anything. I mean, this isn't the 50s or 60s anymore.

Most people who resist most likely have something to hide.

The second guy in this video really says it all so perfectly.
Background Pony #12BD
It's like Adorkable Twilight's Sweetie Belle!