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Trixie: "Starlight looks stunningly with hat of Great and Powerful Trixie!"

Starlight: "Trixie, stop it, please…"

Trixie: "Stop it? What Trixie must to stop?"

Starlight: "To stop tighten up my cheeks."

Trixie: "Nope! I like to tighten up your cheeks~ You look really cute when i do that^^"

Starlight: "Hmp…Alright, lust for you…"


A little art of this two.

Personally i don't ship them, but maybe someone will find here his/her fav ship peace~
safe1750416 artist:marbola206 starlight glimmer49787 trixie68734 classical unicorn4225 pony1010493 unicorn342280 :t3865 accessory swap1722 bipedal36199 butt fluff343 cheek fluff5926 chest fluff41210 clothes475965 cloven hooves10608 colored hooves6366 cute205689 ear fluff31194 engrish1586 eye contact6604 eyeshadow16567 featured image907 female1401792 floppy ears54498 fluffy14700 hat90336 heart50031 leg fluff3197 leonine tail9197 lesbian99266 lidded eyes31789 looking at each other21446 makeup22813 mare502159 open mouth154317 pale belly1270 profile6281 pubic fluff3945 raised leg8078 shipping205650 simple background409100 sitting65587 smiling260906 squishy cheeks2481 startrix3007 tail fluff176 trixie's hat4753 unamused16756 unshorn fetlocks27165 white background102476


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@Communist Starlight
I hope they don’t wait that long. It’d be more fun for it to be an episode where Starlight awkwardly asks for advice on how to tell Trixie she likes her without Twilight finding out, only for the Tree of Harmony to tell Twilight to help her solve the issue.
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I love how this is four months old, but it's first comment only occurs after it's been featured.

I used to be a Twixie fan back in 2012/13 but since that ship sunk this one takes it's place quite nicely