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@Keith Mowz
I think Twilight and Cadence would've been fast enough alongside all the Unicorns there, like Fancy Pants, to protect everyone in force-fields before Spike blew.

Remember how quick Cadence was to protect herself and Twilight from Discord's sneeze in Three's A Crowd?
Wesley Foxx
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The Fluffiest
I was waiting for them to do something like in that one episode of Teen Titans where Raven puts a force-field around Starfire's head so her sneezing doesn't set off a bomb.
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I'll tell you why: They don't brush up on their dragon knowledge. Twilight and Spike have been together for a long time, and Cadence treats Spike like a hero after saving the Crystal Empire twice now.

Even they should've known about the dangers Dragon Sneeze Flowers pose to Spike. Fancy Pants should've known as well when he wanted them trimmed. If he had, a lot of stuff could've been avoided, especially if Spike had just let the utility pony do his job and closed the stupid window…

Seriously, who is stupid enough to have Dragon Sneeze trees in Canterlot when they know one of the Princesses has a baby dragon as her assistant?!
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I'll admit: No one there, not even the Royal Sisters-In-Law, realized that Spike was highly allergic to Dragon Sneeze, so their reactions as he gears up to fire off another one is justified.

If Fancy Pants had known that, he could have had the Canterlot City Utilities pony in charge of them outright cut them down and mulch them to avoid all this.

Still, cutting to black like that to end the episode leaves it with so many fan theories to what happened when Spike blew:

Did Twilight and Cadence protect everyone? How bad was the damage this time around from Spike's allergic discharge? Did Fancy Pants and the delegates apologize to Spike afterwards for their error with the Dragon Sneeze?

So many ideas for artwork and fan fiction…
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When Spike sneezes, the gems fly out of the castle, and Celestia and Luna notice, and arrive to see everypony hurt, possibly bleeding, with part of the roof collapsed on top of them. Twilight, in all her sternness, outright states to Princess Celestia "Princess… We are moving the summit to Ponyville, NOW!" A few hours later, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity all have their own worries about what to do with the sudden relocation of the Summit (Rarity not having a thing to wear, AJ not having enough apples to feed them, RD making sure the conditions are perfect, and Fluttershy not having peace and quiet), but Pinkie Pie sees it as ANOTHER PARTY!!
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
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I thought the stream had cut off, but the episode really did end by cutting to a black screen. Tricksters.
Background Pony #CDDE
I understand getting peeved at those who fling salt in the way of the writer for the single reason of making an episode they didn't like.

You shouldn't let other people's reactions get you down that much, though.
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Can you do me a favor and stop posting these screencaps? Ever since you guys won't stop spitting on the episode and calling it bad, I started feeling a bit depressed.