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The Needle - A horror-mystery adventure Audiobook

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Artist Comment:
You know, gotta prepare early for that Xmas with adult Cutiemark Crusaders.

Alternative NSFW versions available on my Patreon. Please consider supporting me if you like my art.

My commission info.

Alternate source(tumblr)
suggestive141229 artist:draltruist285 apple bloom49108 scootaloo51035 sweetie belle48756 earth pony243504 pegasus286449 anthro257291 ass48558 bloom butt658 boots21486 booty mark crusaders37 breasts274480 christmas13999 clothes454520 cutie mark47122 cutie mark crusaders18922 dock49293 female1350282 holiday20047 mare474075 miniskirt4965 older26339 older apple bloom2074 older scootaloo2010 older sweetie belle2283 scootabutt500 shoes35791 skirt39304 smiling244264 sweetie butt673 the cmc's cutie marks4739 thigh boots1493 tight clothing2503


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