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explicit343294 alternate version42853 artist:el-doc289 princess celestia93796 alicorn218651 human151687 anthro253642 2 handfuls of dat ass2588 anal26823 anus94539 ass47829 both cutie marks10158 breasts269664 butt grab2484 butt touch3794 doggy style7620 female1336141 from behind12960 grope12663 hand on butt2712 human on anthro action2166 interspecies22314 male362677 male pov7115 mare466260 nudity361516 offscreen character33075 pain1932 painal403 penetration56431 penis149788 pov13640 sex118359 sideboob10047 straight133463 stupid sexy celestia1557 sunbutt3948


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Sixto Cortes

If Polar Freeze, my OC, were doing this to Celestia
“U-unf!! What’s the matter, Celestia? You’ve always been teasing me with that plump booty of yours~ I thought you’d love some cock in there~“