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Blame him, not me.
Well, okay, you can blame me too cause I decided to ponify it. P:

But you should blame him for lack of style, not me. :v Still fun to make.
safe1750045 artist:lightningbolt918 derpibooru exclusive29304 pegasus308991 pony1010098 .svg available8462 alex gaskarth23 all time low41 bracelet10007 cheek fluff5924 clothes475817 crossdressing9680 ear fluff31172 eyeshadow16560 fake tail126 fingerless gloves4860 flying39400 gloves20950 high heels11770 hoof fluff1984 hoof on hip145 jewelry68172 lidded eyes31777 lipstick11638 looking at you175608 makeup22804 male387884 necklace20365 open mouth154209 ponified41994 shirt26164 shoes38724 simple background408970 skirt41073 socks68537 solo1094090 spread wings57035 stallion115672 stockings34207 svg3701 tattoo5790 thigh highs38158 transparent background208738 vector77865 wig901 wing fluff1683 wings123031


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