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babe the blue ox (3)Added Frustration in Excelsis
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multisize (1)Added Background Pony #68C2
food (51006)Added IceCold47
apple (12895)Added IceCold47
horn (26036)Added IceCold47
tack (2842)Added IceCold47
shoes (24026)Added IceCold47
clothes (355254)Added IceCold47
bow (19334)Added IceCold47
apple cart (34)Added IceCold47
cart (1108)Added IceCold47
three quarter view (636)Added IceCold47
looking up (11855)Added IceCold47
hair bow (10344)Added IceCold47
apple orchard (151)Added IceCold47
sweet apple acres (2128)Added IceCold47
harness (1372)Added IceCold47
yoke (224)Added IceCold47
sitting (46035)Added IceCold47
raised hoof (32033)Added IceCold47