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safe (1428290)artist:tsitra360 (1069)apple bloom (43592)applejack (147704)big macintosh (25217)rainbow dash (203776)earth pony (148010)pegasus (187811)pony (697369)apple (12900)apple cart (34)apple orchard (151)apple tree (2228)axe (1301)babe the blue ox (3)belt (3610)big-apple-pony (67)boots (16024)bow (19375)cart (1109)clothes (355409)crossover (52972)female (759333)filly (50474)folklore (14)food (51054)freckles (20506)giant pony (3467)hair bow (10383)hair tie (544)harness (1372)hat (64686)hoof boots (225)horn (26069)looking down (5371)looking up (11867)lumberjack (39)macro (9107)male (257773)mare (334811)mega applejack (6)multisize (1)open mouth (104090)pants (9768)paul bunyan (13)ponytail (13151)raised hoof (32048)shirt (17161)shoes (24038)sitting (46054)smiling (183019)spread wings (40942)stallion (72912)standing (8225)suspenders (431)sweet apple acres (2128)tack (2843)three quarter view (639)tree (22578)weapon (22799)wings (52893)yoke (224)


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