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All characters season 8, include new creatures and new characters of Equestria Girls
safe1945482 edit154406 edited screencap78606 screencap257219 alice the reindeer161 appointed rounds65 aurora the reindeer110 autumn blaze4800 beachcomber (g4)34 big bucks51 bori the reindeer144 bracer britches22 carbon fizz16 chancellor neighsay868 cinder glow1036 coral currents53 cozy glow8704 cracked wheat29 ever essence69 firelight499 gaius (dragon)119 gallus8335 ginger beard10 high tide (g4)51 hoo'far584 hush slush10 jack pot338 loose tracks60 mean applejack285 mean fluttershy253 mean pinkie pie227 mean rainbow dash213 mean rarity286 mean twilight sparkle914 minty mocha82 mudbriar898 ocean flow143 ocellus6306 pistachio202 rain shine544 rainy day78 raspberry latte70 rolling thunder248 sandbar6425 scales (character)113 seaspray224 short fuse162 silverstream7242 skellinore214 sky beak182 sludge (dragon)372 smolder10158 snow hope62 stellar flare1437 stepford ponies66 summer flare1036 sunny delivery30 terramar902 tree of harmony775 valley glamour86 vignette valencia938 wallflower blush2587 yona6065 yona's brother22 yona's grandma35 yona's grandpa35 yona's sister27 bird11227 biteacuda46 bufogren58 classical hippogriff5939 deer7601 dragon70288 earth pony350436 fish3195 hippogriff12008 kirin12130 pegasus394817 pony1295239 pukwudgie73 reindeer2514 roc177 seapony (g4)6163 unicorn433579 winterchilla124 best gift ever2548 equestria girls230756 equestria girls series38306 fake it 'til you make it1137 father knows beast957 forgotten friendship6165 grannies gone wild884 marks for effort1271 molt down992 non-compete clause832 road to friendship1660 rollercoaster of friendship3299 school daze3060 sounds of silence3433 surf and/or turf817 the break up breakdown753 the end in friend1207 the hearth's warming club1046 the maud couple807 the mean 61787 the parent map1105 the washouts (episode)1193 what lies beneath1816 background kirin443 background pony11186 clone3207 collage1756 cropped55556 dragon lord101 female1578849 filly82937 foal27642 head tilt1230 male450384 mare603709 sandbar's family11 stallion145493 student six1972 teenager5865 treelight sparkle223 wall of tags5250 winterzilla89 wrong aspect ratio653 yona's family11


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I especially liked the Washouts, Autumn Blaze, Firelight and Stellar Flare.  
And of course the Student 6.