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safe1752763 artist:dragonpone344 derpibooru exclusive29345 mean applejack264 mean fluttershy235 mean pinkie pie205 mean rainbow dash195 mean rarity268 mean twilight sparkle741 queen chrysalis35504 alicorn233232 changeling49896 changeling queen17786 earth pony266814 pegasus309949 pony1012526 unicorn343199 the mean 61684 :<1086 :c572 angry28121 annoyed5606 argument844 bags under eyes2072 bipedal36247 bipedal leaning1823 chest fluff41324 clone2849 clone six61 confused4896 crossed arms5368 crossed hooves2011 curved horn7196 eyes closed98333 facing away284 fangs26745 female1403824 floppy ears54648 flying39477 former queen chrysalis331 freckles30173 frown23615 glare8305 horn78004 i'm surrounded by idiots28 leaning3736 lidded eyes31858 lineless4058 looking at you176002 looking down9312 mare503185 mommy chrissy275 open mouth154862 pouting2020 prone26393 regret280 sad25097 sharp teeth3982 shoulder freckles1090 shrunken pupils3390 simple background409905 sitting65680 smiling261714 spread wings57203 teeth10522 tongue out108461 transparent background209217 unamused16774 underhoof53819 wall of tags3673 wide eyes17417 wings123548 yelling3203


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