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safe1726594 artist:silfoe1552 princess luna99878 alicorn228384 pony986890 alternate design2918 blushing200912 coat markings4900 cute202845 cutie mark48438 dappled471 ear blush766 embarrassed11560 ethereal mane8242 eyelashes11523 female1380966 floppy ears53203 freckles29482 horn70654 looking at you172046 lunabetes3614 mare490757 missing accessory8274 shy4220 silfoe is trying to murder us82 smiling254195 solo1077811 spread wings55701 standing12521 starry mane4399 tail29016 weapons-grade cute3732 wings111262


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Background Pony #A92E
Meanwhile poor Twilight's passed out just off-screen from Adorable-Freckle-Wife overload.