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Angel has lived with Fluttershy for years, and if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s not to trust her continence when Nightmare Night is involved. Though she seems pretty determined to stay where she is…
safe1881707 artist:ithinkitsdivine83 angel bunny10426 fluttershy229696 pegasus365511 pony1228005 scare master990 season 52613 absurd resolution69634 animal5657 bed46922 blushing224680 book37286 covering crotch448 crossed legs3806 desperation958 dialogue74806 duo94111 female1519491 fetish45821 food81227 halloween9846 hiding1563 holiday25329 lip bite12982 male428732 need to pee1125 night30419 nightmare night5132 omorashi1047 peanut butter423 potty emergency748 potty time1485 show accurate21658 sitting73119 squirming235 struggling1264 sweat30957 teddy bear1535


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Brony Adept from Russia
Angel can drink out shes sweet delicious pee, directly from her… but shes bladder is too huge and really badly overfilled for that little bunny stomach. Angel should bring some bowl where Fluttershy lets empty herself. And maybe her most loyal friend Rainbow Dash will come to her for carrying in this horrible night, to give this lovely girl very sweet relief into her stomach. ^_^
I really wanna see all of that continues, pretty please, draw it! :3
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Comfy Pones
I’m excited! You make very good vectors, I can’t wait to see your padding!
@The Dark Pony  
It’s funny how people can like things for different reasons… some people like leaky diapers, but it’s odd to me because the whole reason I like them is that you don’t have this huge awful mess to clean after you “go” or have an accident…
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@A Gruntman  
Heh, I was expecting this comment. But who knows? Maybe that part comes later.  
She probably has a few full jars, but in this situation the last thing she wants to be doing is scoffing down MORE food and drink.  
Most of these will be one-offs, but I’m sure I’ll have a few special ones where I push it a little further.  
Funny you should say that. Because now that I draw diapers, you might be seeing a few “alternate versions…”