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suggestive139732 artist:da-fuze58 nightmare moon16704 oc667366 alicorn219169 pegasus281327 anthro254136 plantigrade anthro31401 ambiguous facial structure2267 armor23341 big breasts79637 boots21222 bra15499 breasts270242 character to character531 chestplate156 clothes449662 commission65537 crescent moon1798 cutie mark46762 disappearing clothes66 evening gloves8156 female1338359 gauntlet315 glasses60324 gloves19469 grin37180 gritted teeth11775 hand on hip5859 huge breasts37310 lineless3715 long gloves5543 looking at you163542 male363418 male to female959 moon23066 panties49351 pants14068 race swap14013 rule 6326387 shirt24147 shoes35206 smiling240944 solo1045270 solo female177009 solo male25812 thigh boots1482 thong5942 transformation10479 transformation sequence858 transgender transformation1632 unconvincing armor1123 wide hips16426


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Background Pony #8EAD
Documenting result: the ritual was successful. Phase 1 of second evolution has begun