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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe1556690 artist:jonfawkes1608 artist:little-tweenframes983 dj pon-327919 octavia melody22084 sci-twi21722 sunset shimmer56724 twilight sparkle279976 vinyl scratch32015 oc594478 oc:sparkling sapphire210 human140067 meowth77 pikachu779 ask human octavia89 series:sciset diary851 ash ketchum138 baby8873 cello2261 clothes401680 collaboration4691 comic100170 costume24452 dark skin3805 electric type pokémon4 female880946 first stage pokémon11 guitar4302 halloween6801 halloween costume1245 holiday15697 humanized93152 james43 jessie42 kanto pokémon20 keytar306 lesbian91348 levitation10338 magic64596 magical lesbian spawn10426 microphone4411 musical instrument6794 normal type pokémon11 offspring33656 parent:sci-twi327 parent:sunset shimmer1463 parents:scitwishimmer293 pokémon8406 pokémon (anime)10 rock concert8 scitwishimmer2525 scratchtavia2799 shipping181649 sunsetsparkle4686 team rocket116 team rocket's meowth3 telekinesis24135


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Background Pony #3F32
Better not play too loud, it was already a bad idea to bring the baby to a concert.