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This is A new Next gen I thought of out bordem

My Mom Helped me with some ships!

She helped me with Lighting Dust's Partner which is Soarin
and Cheerlie's partner which is Star tracker

and She also helped me with Limestone Pie's Partner which is Rockhoof

She also helped me with Fluttershy's Partner which is Flam

Mlp Heads By Saphi-Boo
safe1553168 artist:xxwerecatdipperxx23 applejack157091 braeburn6081 caramel2334 cheerilee9274 comet tail826 daring do5976 derpy hooves47895 doctor caballeron610 donut joe749 double diamond1545 dumbbell599 feather bangs478 flam2001 fluttershy195608 lightning dust4170 limestone pie4661 marble pie6041 maud pie11768 mudbriar710 pinkie pie201208 pokey pierce1273 quibble pants1422 rainbow dash216995 rarity167759 rockhoof964 soarin'13244 spitfire12680 star tracker333 starlight glimmer42886 sunset shimmer56007 thunderlane3777 trixie61045 trouble shoes1047 twilight sparkle279094 alicorn190603 pony825026 caraglimmer1 cheeritracker1 cometjack1 daballeron47 derpydonut1 doublepinkie5 dumbdash142 female877585 flutterflam3 layering fail27 limehoof3 male298548 marblepierce2 maudbriar220 quibblelight8 rarilane160 shipping180932 soarindust10 spitbangs1 straight119983 sunburn (shipping)2 trixieshoes1 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113605


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Background Pony #2EF3
Okay, you didn’t ask my friend’s permission to upload her work. Please take it down.
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