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safe1556711 artist:jonfawkes1608 sci-twi21722 sunset shimmer56724 twilight sparkle279978 oc594498 oc:sparkling sapphire210 ask human octavia89 series:sciset diary851 equestria girls177600 baby8873 clothes401688 coat2450 crossover56437 dark skin3805 family3964 female880961 human coloration4239 lesbian91348 magical lesbian spawn10426 mother and daughter4915 offspring33657 parent:sci-twi327 parent:sunset shimmer1463 parents:scitwishimmer293 scitwishimmer2525 shipping181651 sunsetsparkle4686


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Background Pony #43B4
How can Twilight and Sunset have a baby together if their both females?

Is physically impossible,