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safe (1396384)artist:minusclass (255)big macintosh (24621)marble pie (5461)sugar belle (2133)best gift ever (2059)equestria girls (154706)animated (83246)animated at source (531)backless (529)clothes (344824)crying (34917)equestria girls-ified (6891)eyes closed (65326)female (727590)heartbroken marble (76)kissing (19495)male (247705)open-back sweater (458)sad (19892)shipping (159524)sleeveless sweater (487)straight (106747)sugarmac (501)sweater (11278)virgin killer sweater (455)youtube link (4221)


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Background Pony #E460
all pie sister are like anime deres, I hope marble is just a dandere and not a yandere
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Background Pony #1999