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suggestive129651 alternate version35715 artist:bakki601 boulder (pet)1225 maud pie11790 human144369 abs9534 armpits41358 bra14273 breasts245624 broom1547 busty maud pie903 cleavage31404 clothes414616 commission54955 female1192958 flying34754 flying broomstick660 hat77218 high heels9662 humanized95209 legs7260 lingerie9593 maud pump58 moon21422 muscles10302 panties46293 shoes31013 solo982397 solo female168982 underwear55685 witch2075 witch hat2507


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It's amazing to see Maud being depicted as extremely swole. Pure muscle.
It makes the thing where she can scare ponies just by looking at them make sense.