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Pinkie: "Umm… hey there. You kinda caught me in the middle of changing. Mind giving meeee… five minutes? Maybe ten? Okay, cool." *shoos you out and locks door*


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-Pinkie's fur: edit of >>148286

-Pinkie: >>139634
safe1615584 artist:felix-kot162 artist:hourglass-vectors61 edit123055 editor:slayerbvc1770 vector edit2618 pinkie pie207468 earth pony215896 pony883382 bald1595 clothes425952 costume25924 female1286066 furless136 furless edit97 leaning forward277 looking at you152584 mare439445 nude edit3248 nudity343631 pinkie pie suit20 pony costume260 ponysuit424 shaved392 shaved tail120 simple background361165 solo1003633 staring into your soul218 transparent background187118 undressing4900 unzipped303 vector72731 zipper706


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