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And that's what happens whenever I decide to draw action scenes. They take forever…
Sorry for the delay guys. My work schedule has been crazy with my new classes, and this one took longer than I thought. But here you go.

So like I said, this was just a short gag I thought of. Only two pages. Developing Gamma's character a bit more and showing off their powered-up forms a bit.

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safe1557641 artist:crydius140 oc595387 oc only405192 oc:eldritch18 oc:gamma38 android565 ork79 equestria girls177662 angry23525 are you serious23 attack250 baking611 blood22281 bloody104 boy376 clenched fist186 clothes402121 comic style30 concerned732 cooking992 cuffs3567 determined575 dialogue59029 disappointed462 equestria is doomed154 evil2534 evil laugh375 exclamation point3317 explosion1989 female881807 fight5622 fighting stance292 food59520 food fight57 food monster15 glowing eyes9579 gradient hair46 headband2823 jacket10557 kitchen1512 laughing6988 leather jacket2893 leather pants47 lesbian91417 magic64684 magical hetero spawn12 magical lesbian spawn10433 male299654 meat1634 meat loaf23 meme78002 messy1999 monster2040 necktie6073 oc vs oc5 oc x oc12907 offspring33686 otp428 pants11901 parent:oc:crydius17 parent:sci-twi327 parent:sunset shimmer1463 parent:tempest shadow1887 parent:twilight sparkle7124 parents:canon x oc1787 parents:crydiusshadow16 parents:scitwishimmer293 parents:sunsetsparkle366 pattern150 question1082 question mark4001 rear view9557 ripping clothes549 running5189 school uniform6578 scientific lesbian spawn35 seriously82 shipping181779 shirt20650 shit just got real68 shoes29509 skirt35066 snow12420 snowflake632 socks55873 speech bubble20111 splash306 standing9799 straight120299 sweater13008 symbol342 talking4154 technology174 text49968 vest3414 wall of tags2250 warhammer (game)2012 warhammer 40k1950 warhammer fantasy67 what now24 wingding eyes18832 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2227 yelling2811


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Background Pony #D7FA
I imagine Gamma sounding like that malfunctioning AI motorcycle from LocoCycle. You know, that blue motorcycle from that one game Jerma played once? The game you probably never heard of unless you actually watched that video?
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