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safe1690176 artist:little-sketches65 derpy hooves49892 doctor whooves10689 time turner10684 earth pony242616 pegasus285488 pony951837 belly fluff237 birby hooves1 blushing194841 chest fluff38211 cravat135 cute197446 daaaaaaaaaaaw3759 dancing8248 derpabetes2627 doctorbetes128 doctorderpy1486 ear fluff28790 eye contact6460 featured image876 female1348093 floppy ears51466 fluffy14046 frog (hoof)12575 heart47681 hug27938 human shoulders930 leg fluff2973 lidded eyes30127 looking at each other19760 looking at you165628 looking back56398 male367279 mare473039 necktie7051 one eye closed30009 pale belly1037 shipping198005 shoulder fluff1753 simple background387867 sitting62325 smiling243660 spread wings53791 stallion106653 straight134714 tail feathers907 tail fluff152 two toned wings2898 underhoof51303 white background96241 wing fluff1606 winghug2877 wings104003 wink24342


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Invisible Enemy
I am so glad to see you out of the game, but is not over yet.
Excellent job by the artist! Maybe 2 years later, but is better late than never, right?
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
The fluffy lil Derpster is totally aderpable! I can really see why Doctor Whooves fell for her. :D

Hmm, if Derpy made a pear-flavored muffin, would The Doctor eat it?

Yes…but then when he tasted the pear flavour he'd probably hock it back up discreetly so as not to offend his marefriend. And then wash his mouth out. xP