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safe1752695 screencap227817 princess celestia96838 princess luna100847 alicorn233218 pony1012467 best gift ever2438 balcony1453 blanket5532 cute205942 cutelestia3677 discovery family logo11743 duo64927 duo female11987 ethereal mane8485 female1403761 glowing horn20575 jewelry68534 looking at each other21504 lunabetes3639 magic75490 magic aura4672 mare503152 momlestia fuel106 night27422 peytral3786 plant2187 regalia21193 royal sisters4610 sibling love458 siblings9551 sisterly love391 sisters9369 smiling261693 snow14140 snowfall4512 snowflake764 starry mane4570 telekinesis28786


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