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Just want to say Happy Halloween ahead of time cuz i’m gonna be busy next few weeks…
Took tons of effort on it,maybe i set the resolution a bit too high that my memory kept running out…..xp
However,i enjoyed drawing this one,and i would be happy to tell you that Rarity learned the flying magic from starlight,tho she could not have a good control of it,at least she could be able to fly~
safe1970943 artist:angusdra122 applejack187749 fluttershy238106 pinkie pie238542 rainbow dash259256 rarity203100 starlight glimmer55296 twilight sparkle332833 alicorn274292 bat pony64101 earth pony361136 pegasus406327 pony1322627 unicorn446066 vampire5018 balloon11777 bat ponified3885 cape12863 clothes558962 costume35191 cowboy hat21907 fangs33210 female1602586 floating4954 flutterbat7763 flying47373 ghost costume82 glowing horn25469 halloween11448 halloween costume2910 hat108886 holiday28876 hook325 hot air balloon1113 levitation14269 magic86440 mane six35337 mare617974 moon28030 race swap18040 telekinesis34214 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky1029 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138530 upside down6595 witch hat4484


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