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safe1557651 artist:jonfawkes1608 dj pon-327935 octavia melody22100 sci-twi21755 sunset shimmer56760 twilight sparkle280090 vinyl scratch32031 oc595396 oc:lightning blitz306 oc:sparkling sapphire210 human140118 ask human octavia89 series:sciset diary852 baby8880 clothes402131 comic100262 dark skin3814 elf ears1745 female881827 humanized93201 humanized oc2241 lesbian91417 magical lesbian spawn10434 male299658 offspring33687 parent:fluttershy3942 parent:rain catcher286 parent:rainbow dash4899 parent:sci-twi327 parent:scootaloo721 parent:sunset shimmer1463 parents:catcherloo286 parents:flutterdash269 parents:scitwishimmer293 scarf20823 scitwishimmer2525 scratchtavia2800 shipping181779 sunsetsparkle4685


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Eternal Flame
May I suggest taking the sixth panel, strip off the text, and post it as its own picture? Because it's a WONDERFUL one and oh my gosh, it deserves to stand on its own!