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Queen <3
questionable107510 artist:groomlake222 edit122900 queen chrysalis33346 changeling42856 changeling queen13803 bdsm6080 blindfold4097 bondage31309 chrysub188 colored18245 female1284092 femsub9752 gradient background11256 horn ring5151 love4574 magic suppression3648 open mouth129538 rope10617 simple background360335 solo1001727 solo female171285 spank mark897 spots554 subalis102 submissive14870 suspension bondage523 tail holder448 tail wrap6077 tongue out94748 upside down5175


not provided yet


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In Treue fest
Oh yes! This is the perfect way to store a troublesome bug queen!
Such thorough measures should keep her in place, to be contained and disciplined if necessary.