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safe1946717 artist:setharu334 applejack186395 fluttershy235859 pinkie pie236743 rainbow dash257234 rarity201260 spike86507 starlight glimmer54722 twilight sparkle330140 alicorn269907 dragon70427 earth pony350977 pegasus395341 pony1296553 unicorn434278 absurd resolution70719 butt171213 chest fluff51983 cowboy hat21441 cute232129 cutie mark52131 female1579869 flying46524 grass12385 group photo886 happy37687 hat106475 heart59826 lidded eyes38114 looking at each other26928 looking at you212449 looking back72409 looking down11614 looking up20248 male450886 mane eight124 mane seven7289 mane six35028 mare604344 open mouth193210 plot111315 ponyville6806 pronking1174 raised hoof58652 raised leg9783 sitting77106 sky18694 smiling323681 smirk15537 spread wings73210 tree40208 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137349 underhoof60921 winged spike9267 wings169189


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