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safe1970848 artist:setharu336 applejack187744 fluttershy238094 pinkie pie238529 rainbow dash259248 rarity203095 spike87280 starlight glimmer55294 twilight sparkle332819 alicorn274266 dragon72145 earth pony361098 pegasus406299 pony1322518 unicorn446028 absurd resolution71559 butt178723 chest fluff53264 cowboy hat21906 cute236071 cutie mark52081 female1602473 flying47369 grass12665 group photo902 happy38348 hat108875 heart61102 lidded eyes38982 looking at each other27586 looking at you216901 looking back74035 looking down11901 looking up20676 male459556 mane eight130 mane seven7350 mane six35338 mare617904 open mouth197603 plot114972 ponyville6917 pronking1177 raised hoof59806 raised leg9985 sitting78565 sky19122 smiling330967 smirk15824 spread wings75355 tree41408 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138522 underhoof61720 winged spike9390 wings174818


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