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Cozy Glow is mabye my new favourite villan.

And widdle Chrysalis is always a plus.

Color was done by our friend xxangeluciferxx

He did the coloring more in our style, but he usually works more advanced. Check him out.

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safe1749051 artist:0ryomamikado0533 artist:doublewbrothers504 cozy glow7715 queen chrysalis35432 scootaloo51895 oc711129 oc:anon11925 oc:aurelia freefeather54 oc:aurelleah54 oc:aurry53 changeling49735 human158807 pegasus308678 pony1009282 anon gets all the mares42 anon gets all the villainesses1 comic111406 cozybetes1233 cute205521 cutealis2172 heterochromia5749 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency479 this will end in death2533 this will not end well1716 too dumb to live237 what could possibly go wrong103 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2409


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Background Pony #2CAD
Tirek: Those b*thes are MINE!!
Anon: So what? Cuck.
Tirek: GRRRRRR!!!!

Anon lived as the most insanely bravest human man alive.
Stealing two villainesses from an evil centaur.

Gladiator 100℅ Brony
At first it was difficult to decide who would be my favorite pony villain girls

But then I said to myself, nahh, what else do I need? I'm staying with them 2 because they are my favorite pony villains girls from around the world! 😁
Background Pony #B4AB
The genius of Anon's design was the facelessness. The lack of distinguishing features highlighted his actions over expressions.
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
I tend to follow the show's leaning in which they only feed off of love.

Once you branch out into fan theory, the changeling's may as well be able to feed off of any passionate sort of emotion, which could include anything from hate, to lust, to ambition, to greed, et cetera. That just branches it out way too much for me and kind of kicks consistency straight in the nads.
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Forest of Sin
@Joseph Raszagal
The guards they were capturing in Royal Wedding didn't seem very loving, so it would mean that they drain general love/emotions, and passions would count, like passion for power. And if lust can feed them, at least according to the fandom, a passion for power will too.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
@Joseph Raszagal
Even though Chryssy doesn't exactly want to feed of Anon's love (or is just playing coy and pretending she doesn't), she does need love to live, so she might protect Anon from Cozy's homicidal tendencies?

1 month on, Chryssy and Anon are now Cozy's bitches in bed. xD