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suggestive (108647)artist:helmie-d (82)sandbar (3345)oc (500418)oc:zephyr leaf (53)aviator goggles (115)blushing (147042)book (25551)buttcheeks (106)cellphone (2096)commission (37618)cup (4365)cutie mark (31221)desk (2244)desk lamp (22)earth pony (133632)eraser (139)goggles (11285)male (240352)mug (2808)paper (2416)pegasus (172370)pencil (2663)phone (3894)phone screen (99)plot (62266)pony (648712)presenting (18416)raised tail (11075)smartphone (1108)spread wings (39064)table (6498)tail (13441)trembling (480)underhoof (39612)wingboner (7096)wings (47533)ych result (10778)


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