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“So, what did you think of this month’s book?”

The five stallions sat around the table, sipping tea and discussing literature as they always did during their monthly book club meetings. It had always been a nice chance for them to unwind—even for Lightning Bolt, who wasn’t really a book nerd. But today felt a bit off, as Dusk Star, normally the biggest contributor to their discussions, was silent and pensive. The other stallions couldn’t help but notice his odd behavior.

Solomon looked over at him. “Dusk? Are you okay?”

”Yeah,” Lightning chimed in. “You haven’t said anything all day. This isn’t like you.”

”Yes, I’m fine!” Dusk smiled reassuringly. “I’ve just had a…really busy week. Life-changing, I’d say.”

”Life-changing? Is this about how you-“

”Yes,” Dusk nodded. “About how I found out my father was actually not my father at all.”

Discovery suddenly looked up from the book he was reading. “Wait, what?”

”Really?” Solomon’s eyes widened. “How?”

Dusk chuckled. “Well, I won’t get into the details, but I’ll just say that there was a reason my ‘dad’ always preferred Galaxy. It’s given me closure, really. Just last week I met my real father, and his husband too: Silver Script and Star Bright.”

”Silver Script and Star Bright?”

The stallions looked over at Gilded Prose, who had seldom spoken the entire time they knew him. He hardly ever looked up from his own book; they weren’t even sure he was listening. But now, as he stared at Dusk with a cocked eyebrow, they knew he heard every word.

”You know them?” Dusk asked.

”Yeah,” Gilded calmly sipped his tea. “They’re my parents.”



All hell seemed to break loose at Gilded’s simple utterance as Discovery spat his tea straight into Solomon’s face and they all erupted into a chorus of shocked exclamations. Dusk simply gasped.

”Really? That means…you’re my brother!”

”Well, yeah,” Gilded said with a slight edge of annoyance. “Didn’t I tell you about my parents before?”

”Not that I recall…?”

“I did. You just weren’t listening.”

Dusk thought back on all the times Gilded contributed something to the group. They were few, but he had made a couple literary allusions to “Luna’s bright, silver stars” and other subtle references. Plus, he had mentioned his family and background briefly on the first day. None of it had made sense until now.

”You’re right,” Dusk admitted, speaking over the loud and exaggerated reactions of their friends over Discovery’s spilled tea. “I really wasn’t listening.”

”It’s fine,” Gilded shrugged and stared down into his tea. “Nopony really does. Except Dad and Pops.”

”Dad and Pops,” Dusk pondered. “I’ve only met them once, but they seemed very kind and understanding. Are they always that way?”

”Yeah, they’re great. You’d know if you grew up with them.” Gilded looked up. “Dad told me about you, actually. Says you’re nice.”


”Mhmm. He wants you to come over more. And hey, maybe you’ll see me there, since we’re now brothers and all. We could hang out more, get to know each other. I already know you’re pretty smart.”

A warm feeling spread through Dusk’s chest. Brother. A father wasn’t the only thing he gained this week. And this brother of his had been right under his nose the entire time without either realizing it. Life was funny that way.

But even as the group went back to their literary discussion, Dusk’s mind went back to the first real conversation he’d had with his brother. Sure, it was short and a bit blunt, but it revealed the connection shared over their father. And it opened the doors to more bonding.

Dusk couldn’t wait to spend more time with his family.
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