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A commission for my good friend , with his sleep pone and two lovely lamias. Also, the return of cobra lamia Somny as I mentioned earlier. Hope you like it!  
(Original sketch:
With many medicines and potions being made and shared throughout the community of ponies and creatures, Mage Meadowbrook was one of the few most recommended mares to go to for remedies and concoctions for healing. After her return from limbo, Meadowbrook easily fitted into modern society, returning to her home in the swamps and making potions as she did years ago. The rattle lamia has also visited other places for ponies and creatures requesting her services, one of them being from the Princess of Friendship herself Twilight Sparkle as her very, very close friend Nightwish would appreciate her remedies and cures. Though the stallion was oblivious to the alicorn’s plans, Twilight knew how determined the pegasus was on his research, not sleeping for hours, which of course always concerned her. However, with Meadowbrook’s coils and rattle, Twilight knew what to do, asking for her help.
_ As it turns out, the medicine mare wasn’t only known for her healing concoctions. With her lamia form, she also helped ponies therapeutically with her rattle ringing out hypnotic sound waves to keep the pony calm and peaceful as they are kept coiled up, just like another Pillar lamia she knew dearly, but without any hypnotic abilities. Twilight told Meadowbrook that Nightwish was going to visit Saddle Arabia to observe some stars and constellations there, figuring that would be the perfect opportunity for Meadowbrook. With the southern accent mare giggling, she agrees to the idea, waiting for the day her and Nightwish go off. Twilight also hinted that she might not be the only one helping get the stallion some sleep._
_ The day arrived as Nightwish and Meadowbrook made their way to Saddle Arabia. The stallion asked why Twilight insisted on Meadowbrook coming along, the lamia simply saying that there was a pony in need of her help so it was convenient that the pegasus was going there as well. Nightwish simply nodded, accepting the response, but was a bit suspicious, especially with Twilight giggling before the two headed off. It wasn’t long until the ponies arrived to the place, Nightwish being expected by Haakim and Amira as they provided a room for him and Meadowbrook to reside in for the time being. Nightwish gazed at the desert sky, amazed by the endless sands being softly complimented by the sunset and the stars beginning to shine for the night. The pegasus flew to his bag and took out his tools, bringing out notes and pencil to begin his research. Meadowbrook asked if it’s be better for them to just lay back and relax for now, the two did have quite the walk and slither to the palace, after all. Nightwish kindly disagreed, wanting to get straight to his work as he has been waiting for this trip for some time.That alone signalled the medicine lamia to begin her little personal session._
_ The sounds of soft pencil writing and ponies walking around down below were all Nightwish could hear, that was until his ear twitched to the arriving sounds of a rattle. The pony turned to see Meadowbrook smile as she shook her tail, her rattle ringing out to him. The sounds only caught his attention at first, but would soon capture his mind as a whole next. Nightwish asked what the mare was doing, the lamia telling him that he was too focused on getting work done when he should at least try to get some rest, the rattle shaking more as the hypnotic sounds got louder. The pegasus shook his head to get the soft sounds out of his head, but they were leaking through and through as the medicine mare continued to rattle. She slithered closer to the stallion as her coils slowly slithered towards him, the mare softly placing her hoof on Nightwish’s snout and pushing to sit down, to which he does so obviously. Nightwish slurred his words thanks to the increasing trace, asking for the lamia to stop so he can get to work. She kindly shook her head, not wanting to disappoint Twilight’s request on hypnotizing him to sleep, the coils already wrapping round the sleepy stallion’s body. He wanted to resist still, but the constant sounds of the shaking rattle proved to influential to him. With a silly grin, he allowed Meadowbrook to coil him up. That was when a voice asked if she was going to coil him up to herself._
_ Meadbrook turned and smiled as she saw Somnambula slither into the room, the two lamia mares hugging as they greeted one another. Somnambula explained that she was holding some motivational and coiling sessions a while ago, having a room to rest in for the night. She saw Nightwish partially coiled, knowing that Meadowbrook’s visit was planned out. Hearing that is was by the princess, Somnambula asked if she can join in, wanting to coil up the stallion as well. Meadowbrook agreed, loosening her coils around Nightwish for the Egyptian mare to bind him. Nightwish whimpered happily as he felt other coils slither around him, his body being shared by the two lamia mares. The rattle kept shaking to entrance the pegasus, Meadowbrook and Somnambula smiling as they found the coiled pony cute in their hugging cocoon._
_ Soon the pony was properly wrapped, gently squeezed by the two Pillar ponies and hypnotized by Meadowbrook’s rattle. The mare decided to have some fun, pampering the entranced stallion with snuggles, hugs, and gentle licks and hisses from their forked tongues. Meadowbrook wanted to help Nightwish sleep, but she couldn’t help but have some fun with him. Same was for Somnambula, who was being more teasy and playful since she just ran into the two. With both lovely mares happily toying with him, Nightwish yawned as he could no longer stay awake, his eyelids lowering. The mares hugged the flustered stallion until he was finally asleep, the lamias slithering together to the bed to rest the cocoon on. Meadowbrook and Somnambula thought it was best to sleep as well, resting against the cocoon as they massage the sleeping Nightwish. Meadowbrook would have to get back to the princess to report her success bringing Nightwish to sleep, but that would definitely have to wait as she and Somnambula wanted to spend their visit with the coiled pony._  

Always fun doodling pony lamias. For this doodle, Mage Meadowbrook is a rattlesnake type of lamia, using her rattle to soothingly entrance ponies in her coils with its soothing sounds and no visual hypnosis. It was an idea brought up by LunaHaz, actually, and it sounded very fitting for her. Heck, that’s what led me to eventually think of the idea to make Somny a cobra lamia, to fit with unique types of lamias for mares. Kind of like Somnambula, Meadowbrook uses her coils and such for more therapeutic uses, but with hypnosis to help as well, so I apologize if you’re expecting the usual hypno lamia snatching/snagging a pony scenario with Meadow and Somny from me.
Mage Meadowbrook/Somnambula-Hasbro  

suggestive190560 artist:snakeythingy406 meadowbrook995 somnambula2411 oc946468 oc:nightwish115 cobra231 lamia3230 original species36436 rattlesnake92 snake4210 snake pony1007 g42026958 bedroom eyes82060 blushing273639 coiling455 coils1845 commission117098 duo169296 duo female30776 egyptian1859 egyptian headdress658 egyptian pony935 female1800383 femdom10363 fetish57041 forked tongue2036 hypnosis5640 kaa eyes1466 lamiafied643 male549989 malesub7450 massage1428 mind control4774 saddle arabia126 species swap26615 story included12786 submissive23180 tongue out146959


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