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Here's my little piece for the 35th Anniversary of MLP! I had to think about who to draw haha. Two other choices I didn't end up doing were; Pinkie & Minty, Rainbow Dash & Firefly
But I thought last minute that to REALLY celebrate My Little Pony, it needs to be Twilight meeting a former version of herself!
Look at what a special, beautiful pony you'll become, little Twilight!
safe1556463 artist:fluffyxai479 twilight568 twilight sparkle279954 alicorn191230 pony827590 unicorn258027 35th anniversary221 8th anniversary3 abstract background11530 absurd resolution63708 bow23619 crown13523 flying33757 g113869 generational ponidox200 happy birthday mlp:fim793 jewelry49173 mlp fim's eighth anniversary82 previous generation81 princess2027 regalia15754 simple background338207 smiling210107 speech3148 starry eyes2769 tail bow4619 text49884 transparent background176284 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113820 wingding eyes18805 wings72202


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Aww that's very nice of you thank you! I did put a lot of time in trying to diversify the style slightly to be recognizable to the gen style but not be too different, so I'm glad it paid off enough for you to comment on it~!
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This is really beautiful and quite fitting for both the 8th anniversary of Friendship is Magic and the 35th anniversary of MLP as a whole.