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safe1707552 artist:lupiarts603 artist:snoopystallion94 spike78827 twilight sparkle300475 alicorn224676 bird8271 parrot479 pony968702 unicorn323911 animated98689 bipedal34616 birdified94 chest fluff39181 clothes460051 comic sins45 frog (hoof)12976 hat86939 levitation12128 magic73330 no sound4138 open mouth146077 pirate hat561 pirate twilight75 pointing4047 species swap19757 sword11679 telekinesis27761 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123727 underhoof52132 weapon30521 webm13378


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Background Pony #E408
Man this is bullshit why is spike a parrot and not pirate captain this is so unfair to spike like c'mon at least make spike a pirate to this is so unfair poor spike💢😦
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The Lost Primarch
Eons ago, two Sisters ruled the seven seas in harmony as the Pirate Queens. But, the younger sister grew jealous of her elder siblings power and wealth. With her loyal pirate fleet she waged a brutal, long war against her sister, stealing much of her elder siblings great wealth for herself. Facing the gallows, the younger Pirate Queen spoke her final words:

"My fortune goes to the first who finds it: All elements need to be in harmony, to claim the Nightmare Moon and it's bounty."

Ever since, Pirates have set sail searching for the elusive vessel and the queens cryptic young words..hoping to make their dreams come true.

Captain Twilight Sparkle is the latest in a long line of pirates staking their claim on the Nightmare Moon's unclaimed bounty. Accompanied by her verbose pet Spike, this renegade Librarian sets forth on a stolen ship for the horizon in search of adventure…while hopefully picking up a crew along the way.