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I almost titled this "How you doin?"

I mostly did this to put in my Halloween Twitter banner, but WOW it turned out looking cool! Plus, it's been a while since I've done a show-accurate EqG picture, and I've been wanting to do these two in the canon style for a while.

More Human Demons AU! This is pretty much their regular interaction
(if you don't know what the Human Demons AU is just go search it up in my gallery.

And maybe search up "Fire Pit" too cause his demon form is pretty sick as well if I do say so myself.
safe1727297 artist:ro99487 flash sentry13005 sci-twi24654 twilight sparkle303144 oc697868 oc:fire pit12 demon3022 equestria girls203207 absurd resolution66527 casual attire3 evil2930 female1381675 flashlight2788 male380275 midnight sparkle2522 sciflash258 shipping202905 simple background401194 sketch63664 straight138361 transparent background205524 vector77322


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