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All bases belongs to SelenaEde
This next gen belongs to me and my sister
safe1950071 artist:ilaria122342 artist:selenaede2185 applejack186570 fluttershy236139 pinkie pie236955 rainbow dash257497 rarity201519 sci-twi28527 sunset shimmer71669 twilight sparkle330411 alicorn270522 equestria girls231292 adult2981 base used28843 beautiful6755 belt7559 blonde2329 boots27838 bow36883 bracelet12501 braid7740 clothes551308 cowboy boots2094 dress52980 dungarees50 ear piercing34851 earring26739 eyeshadow21995 freckles35830 future606 future humane seven1 geode of empathy3611 geode of fauna2323 geode of shielding2728 geode of sugar bombs2501 geode of super speed2995 geode of super strength2742 hairclip1332 hand on hip10571 hatless2317 high heel boots7095 high heels14215 humane five4811 humane seven3059 humane six4553 jacket15911 jeans5289 jewelry89043 leather jacket4507 leather leggings10 lipstick13840 magical geodes11061 makeup30150 mary janes1196 missing accessory9144 necklace25339 next generation6270 older33562 older applejack914 older fluttershy900 older humane seven1 older pinkie pie864 older rainbow dash1064 older rarity872 older sci-twi22 older sunset72 older twilight2598 one eye closed39223 overalls2087 pants18484 piercing52454 plaid skirt713 ponytail22277 shirt31832 shoes48462 short hair2525 simple background492181 skirt47370 sleeveless hoodie23 smiling324678 transparent background243889 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137500 ultimate twilight446 vector83545


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