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safe1752716 artist:tjpones3215 princess celestia96838 alicorn233222 pony1012489 black and white13502 bust52732 communism in the comments28 crown17996 cute205945 cutelestia3677 dialogue68137 ear fluff31292 extortion26 female1403780 frown23615 grayscale39324 horse taxes58 jewelry68534 lidded eyes31857 lineart21249 looking at you176000 looking up17178 mare503162 monochrome152384 peytral3786 portrait31886 raised hoof48500 regalia21193 sad25095 silliness in the comments7 simple background409895 sitting65679 solo1095792 spread wings57198 talking to viewer2947 taxes98 text62292 that pony sure does love taxes11 white background102678 wings123536


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@Background Pony #943A  
I think you mean “despise”, right? If so, then yes.
Communism is against all forms of large-scale government, including but not limited to: monarchies (or in Equestria’s case, diarchies), democracies, republics, meritocracies and especially oligarchies. No kings, no presidents, no ministers, no dictators. Just a community governed by its inhaitants, and everyone gets an equal share of everything.
Or at least that how it works on paper. In practice, though, chances are that nothing short of mass brainwashing and/or mind control (much like Starlight’s village in The Cutie Map) would make that work out well, and even then, it’d be a precarious arrangem.
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