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safe1922565 screencap252381 applejack184905 fluttershy233494 rarity199488 sci-twi28189 sunset shimmer70852 twilight sparkle327202 equestria girls228483 equestria girls series37959 overpowered (equestria girls)336 applejack's hat11305 boots27214 clothes541228 cowboy hat21028 denim skirt2018 dress52006 feet47259 female1557355 freckles34893 geode of empathy3586 geode of fauna2310 geode of shielding2719 geode of super strength2736 geode of telekinesis3432 glasses74742 hat104312 high heel boots6957 high heels13934 jacket15509 leather1840 leather jacket4427 legs10086 music room27 pointing4825 ponytail21858 sandals5024 shoes47228 skirt46661 socks78838 stetson5392


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