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safe1946739 screencap257440 applejack186396 fluttershy235860 rarity201262 sci-twi28509 sunset shimmer71599 twilight sparkle330141 equestria girls230889 equestria girls series38334 overpowered (equestria girls)338 applejack's hat11584 boots27757 clothes549913 cowboy hat21441 denim skirt2017 dress52876 feet47983 female1579890 freckles35725 geode of empathy3610 geode of fauna2322 geode of shielding2727 geode of super strength2741 geode of telekinesis3455 glasses76000 hat106475 high heel boots7104 high heels14168 jacket15860 leather1954 leather jacket4499 legs10198 music room27 pointing4916 ponytail22215 sandals5102 shoes48275 skirt47244 socks80201 stetson5433


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