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safe1974620 screencap264021 auburn vision317 berry blend551 berry bliss551 citrine spark474 dawnlighter91 fire quacker474 gallus8452 huckleberry428 ocellus6396 peppermint goldylinks544 rockhoof1277 sandbar6471 silverstream7321 smolder10318 star swirl the bearded2224 strawberry scoop277 summer breeze277 yona6119 changedling10454 changeling58545 classical hippogriff5998 dragon72383 earth pony362848 griffon32943 hippogriff12219 pegasus408148 pony1327027 unicorn447917 yak5865 school raze2516 angry32693 background pony11383 bow38317 bust67301 claws6262 cloven hooves13182 colored hooves8964 dragoness12143 female1606232 friendship student2000 gallus is not amused199 hair bow21598 hug33633 jewelry91579 male460917 mare619852 monkey swings1615 necklace25945 paws6212 smiling332175 stallion150738 student six1990 teenager5929 wings175778


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Background Pony #3720
I love this. Gallus mad ’cuz everybody wanna steal his girl  
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