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safe1708517 artist:tjpones3131 applejack170084 earth pony249510 pony969600 applejack's hat7375 black and white12948 breaking the fourth wall937 bronybait2977 capitalism in the comments9 chest fluff39216 comment bait21 communism in the comments27 cowboy hat15918 cute200115 cutie mark47770 dialogue65619 eternal howdy thread1 female1365011 freckles28931 grayscale38145 hat87007 howdies in the comments15 howdy149 howdy event horizon1 howdyism in the comments3 jackabetes5986 lineart20575 looking at you168969 mare481635 monochrome149852 open mouth146254 silliness in the comments6 simple background394139 sitting63371 solo1065621 stetson5005 talking to viewer2721 the ride never ends298 white background98081


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