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safe (1446134)screencap (178146)pinkie pie (190901)sunset shimmer (51404)equestria girls (162247)mirror magic (2207)spoiler:eqg specials (4654)belt (3699)book (27474)bracelet (6813)burger (1350)canterlot mall (224)cardigan (73)chair (5032)clothes (361967)cute (151718)eating (7694)food (52313)geode of empathy (2134)geode of sugar bombs (1298)hamburger (454)jacket (9034)jewelry (40265)leather jacket (2552)looking at you (123304)looking down (5533)magical geodes (5688)oat burger (17)oats (73)shimmerbetes (3495)shirt (17558)sitting (46831)skirt (31976)smiling (186411)table (7169)that human sure does love burgers (7)

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