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safe1726319 applejack171478 fluttershy214803 rarity183574 sci-twi24630 spike79466 spike the regular dog2537 sunset shimmer63827 twilight sparkle303014 dog9666 equestria girls203089 equestria girls series33612 forgotten friendship5511 official8188 clothes466917 equestria girls logo801 feet40647 flip-flops1020 geode of empathy3131 geode of fauna1874 geode of telekinesis2973 netflix202 official art337 sandals4344 sarong1057 swimsuit28863


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Background Pony #B407
Dang, Applejack is showing way too many leg. Kinda wish that was Rainbow Dash.
Background Pony #4FAB
Odd that RD and Pinkie are not in the promotional material, there usually front and center with Twilight.