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Sir Sheath: AKA "The Steed Knight of the Chess Table". A gifted strategist, detective, and combat specialist. He sees himself as a "problem solver" first and a "warrior" second. He's a natural born leader and is always up to the challenge.

Cosmic Vibes: A wise young unicorn sorcerer that was born with blindness. With the teachings of a boar sage called 'The Moochick', he had to see things in a different way. Beside heightening his other senses, he learned how to sense the magical energies of his surroundings. He can use magic very differently than regular unicorns.

Nimbus Quasar: A nimble, street-smart, negative performing artist. He's knows everything from classical theater to pop culture. He is able to do parkour, understanding anatomy, and control the air flow around him to make the illusion of zero gravity. He can also come up with clever one-liners, and comebacks, and making others feel bad for his own amusement.

Tech Savvy: A wacky unicorn inventor, and Nimbus's best friend since foalhood. He would rather use his magic to make marvelous machine than cast spell. He hopes that his creations can make Equestria a better place. He also built a pony robot that he named "Hash Tag".

Silver Lining: A benevolent politician. He act as the voice of reason within any debate. He can often use his resources and tricky political tactics to serve in his good needs. But if things get 'out of hoof', he is very experienced in 'hooficuffs'.

Dusty Canary: An outspoken miner. He is knowledgeable in tunnel routes and minerals that would even rival Maud Pie, as well as natural gasses and explosives. He is often seen carrying his trusty pickaxe. He is also known for having a slight rube, messy, and obnoxious attitude.
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